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Risk Management for Insurers 2019 | About the Course

Day one of the course will begin with a discussion of the regulatory environment for insurance and risk management. Further sessions will delve into stress testing, cyber risk management, and creating an effective liquidity risk reporting framework.

Day two will cover operational risk, catastrophe risk and modelling, and conduct risk. The day will finish with a future looking session addressing emerging and unknown risks, and how to reduce uncertainty around these risks.

Learning Outcomes
  • The current regulatory environment in the US and the rest of the world  
  • How to develop core stress testing capabilities to meet regulatory expectations
  • The importance of integrating cyber risk management into mainstream risk management
  • How to organise an effective operational risk framework
  • Methods to address, measure and alleviate emerging and unknown risks
Who Should Attend

Relevant departments may include but are not limited to:

  • Operational Risk
  • Enterprise Risk
  • Compliance 
  • Conduct Risk
  • Emerging Risk
Course Highlights
  • An Update of Regulation for Insurance and Risk Management 
  • Stress Testing and ORSA 
  • Cyber Risk 
  • Operational Risk  
  • Conduct Risk 
  • Emerging Risks