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About the Event | SFTR London

Day one will open with the SFTR regulatory requirements and the current industry position of increasing transparency of all products and how and where they are traded and settled.  Then the course will explain how to evaluate and choose your trade repository with various different variables such as data security, reputation and reporting volumes.  To end day one there will be a session on the specific reporting requirements under SFTR and how to develop a break – prevention strategy from establishing causes to reducing the risk.

Day two will start with a session on gathering data across various regulations and how this can be valuable. Liquidity and collateral management will be discussed with a focus on how SFTR could affect your liquidity and the way that collateral is reported. The penultimate session will discuss the overlap between SFTR and CSDR, and the benefits of aligning the two. The course will finish with a look at the need for smart regulation and the gaps in current financial market regulation.

What will you learn?
  • Current industry position and the requirements under SFTR  
  • How to develop a break prevention strategy
  • How to evaluate trade repositories and choose the best one for your organisation
  • How EMIR and MiFID II are connected to SFTR and benefits of data gathering
  • How collateral will have to be reported and the effect on sources of rep securities and your liquidity
  • The overlap between SFTR and CSDR, and the benefits of alignment
Who Should Attend?

Relevant departments may include but are not limited to: 

  • Regulation
  • Reporting  
  • Securities finance
  • Collateral
  • Repo 
  • Prime brokerage
  • Agent lenders 
  • Data  
  • Liquidity