Recovery and Resolution Planning

Develop your strategy and approach to recovery and resolution planning with this comprehensive course covering the key elements of RRP, embedding processes, potential impediments, and execution of the bail-in tool.


Recovery and Resolution Planning

June 22-25, Online

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In the aftermath of the 2007/08 financial crisis the Financial Stability Board has drawn up international standards for financial firms whose failure could have a systemic impact. This course will assist attendees with developing a comprehensive recovery and resolution plan (RRP) through sessions covering: supervisory developments; key elements of recovery and resolution plans; embedding RRP into processes; and the application of the bail-in tool.

Expert speakers from a variety of institutions will share their expertise and provide key examples to equip delegates with the tools to enhance their approaches and strategies. The course is held under Chatham House rule with the opportunity for discussion.

What will you learn?
  • RRP supervisory landscape including recent developments and top priorities
  • Best practice for establishing core elements of recovery planning
  • Effective resolution planning processes
  • Methods for embedding RRP into business as usual
  • Key funding issues for resolution planning activities
  • Why the bail-in tool is the most innovative tool available
Who should attend?

Relevant departments may include but are not limited to:

  • Recovery and resolution
  • Treasury
  • Structural reform
  • Stress testing
  • Capital requirements
Sessions include
  • Supervisory context
  • Establishing core elements of recovery planning
  • Effective resolution planning  
  • Embedding RRP
  • Valuation and resolution
  • Funding and resolution  
  • Impediments to resolution
  • The bail-in tool

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22 June 2020
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