Designing RCSAs and Embedding Risk Management

Build on your understanding of best practices for designing, executing, utilising risk assessments within your risk management framework

Designing RCSAs and Embedding Risk Management

September 28–29, 2022

Time zone: EMEA / Americas



Key reasons to attend

  • Gain skills to successfully prepare, create, and run risk assessment workshops

  • Learn how to improve efficiency of RCSA design and implementation

  • Identify practical action plans after workshops

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Risk Training - Hero

This interactive 3-day learning opportunity is designed to inform and empower risk champions to independently execute risk assessment exercises for their own activities and for their relevant processes, in line with best market practice in the financial industry. 

Led by Ariane Chapelle and David Lannoy from Chapelle Consulting, world-recognised trainers from a multi-awarded company, this practical learning experience is a unique opportunity to upskill risk champions and risk officers to successfully design and run RCSA programmes with improved efficiency.

Sessions will deep-dive into RCSA design, methodology, reporting and action plans providing case studies and workshops for participants to connect with the content and course tutors to learn the tools and skills needed for successful RCSA implementation. 

Learn how to
  • Prepare for risk assessment workshops

  • Utilise heatmaps, scales, and links with risk appetite

  • Practically execute successful risk assessment workshops

  • Interpret necessary documentation and evidence needed for risk assessment 

  • Successfully utilise information from the practical workshops

  • Develop next steps after risk assessment exercises

Who should attend

Relevant departments may include but are not limited to:

  • Operational risk 

  • Enterprise risk 

  • Operations

  • Internal audit

  • Compliance 

Content support

For this course we have collated a selection of articles from to supplement your learning.

Risk Training is a part of - the world’s leading source of in-depth news and analysis on risk management, derivatives and complex finance.

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Ariane Chapelle

Managing partner


Ariane Chapelle is an honorary reader at University College London (UCL) and is an internationally recognised trainer and consultant in risk. She teaches Operational risk measurement for financial institutions and is a fellow of the Institute of Operational Risk..

Chapelle founded and runs her adivsory and training practice in risk management, serving financial organisations and international institutions of all sizes, including central banks and UN agencies. She is a former holder of the chair of international finance at the University of Brussels with backgrounds in internal audit, credit risk and investment risk. She has been active in operational risk management since 2000 and was formerly head of operational risk management at ING Group and Lloyds Banking Group.

David Lannoy

Associate director

Chapelle Consulting

David Lannoy has a vast experience in Risk Management gained in 15 years of working in various sectors of industry such as transport, finance and telecommunication. His achievements include: developing an Enterprise Risk Management approach in a technology firm providing payment services; bringing operational risk management and business continuity to a higher level in financial companies; implementing criminal risk assessment and terrorist threat assessment for the public sector, designing and facilitating RCSA workshops in entreprise-wide projects.

David holds a Master degree in Political Sciences, Certificates from high-profile Risk Management courses. He has been admitted to join The Institute of Risk Management in London as a Specialist Member and has also become Certified ISO 31000 Risk Manager and Certified ISO 31000 Lead Trainer. He is a regular guest lecturer and master thesis supervisor at the HEG Geneva School of Business Administration and contributes to professional publications.

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