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Public Courses, September-November 2019

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Asia Pacific Courses

Essentials of Operational Risk Australia

This two day training course will examine the key elements of an operational risk management framework and provide guidance on how these elements can be built upon to achieve a more comprehensive and efficient framework.

  • Sydney

Model Risk Management Singapore

This two-day workshop has been designed to delve into best practice approaches to building a model risk framework. Attendees will be equipped with a thorough understanding of model risk now and into the future, including the impact of machine learning.

  • Singapore

Market Data & Trading Technology

Over three days this course will provide in-depth training on all aspects of the revised FISD/FIA examination syllabus, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the technical and administrative aspects of the market data industry.

  • Hong Kong

IBOR Transition to Risk Free Rates Sydney

Having received exceptional feedback from running this course earlier in 2019, IBOR to Risk Free Rates is returning to Australia to provide attendees with best practice approaches for dealing with the implications of the transition to risk free rates.

  • Sydney, Australia

European Courses

Securitisations: Risk & Compliance

This course will provide delegates with a detailed market update on the state securitisations, along with how changes in the industry and regulations will affect the risk associated.

  • London

Model Risk Management London

A comprehensive overview of the current regulatory landscape of model risk management and best practice approaches for modelling across, risk pricing and credit models.

  • London

ALM and Balance Sheet Management Dublin

This two day training course will discuss best practices in ALM, with sessions dedicated to key areas of ALM including FTP, IRRBB, hedging strategies and recovery planning

  • Dublin, Ireland

Risk Model Validation, Frankfurt

Risk Training is delighted to offer this specialist training course which has been designed to focus on the assessment of risk models in the context of concrete risk model implementation. There are numerous validation tools available, and the course will individually describe these tools and their application in practice.

  • Frankfurt

Cyber Risk Management London

Improve your ability to manage key cyber risk considerations including governance, integration with IT, data analysis, cyber resilience and incident management.

  • London

Machine Learning in Finance, London

This training course will address in-depth the opportunities and limitations of machine learning in quantitative finance with practical guidance from a variety of expert tutors.

  • London

Fundamental Review of the Trading Book, London

Learn how to establish a robust FRTB strategy with sessions covering: data challenges, the latest consultative proposals and regulatory position, modellable and non-modellable risk factors, and the requirements of the banking book/trading book boundary.

  • London

North American Courses

Cyber Risk Modeling New York

This course will cover risk management and quantification and the importance of data to assess cyber risk. There will be practical examples of portfolio modeling in the insurance industry ad cyber risk modeling in financial institutions.

  • New York

Capital Requirements Toronto

Learn what capital management currently looks like the financial industry in Toronto. The course will cover, stress testing, capital buffers, operational risk capital modelling, counterparty credit risk and many more topics.

  • Toronto

Middle East Courses

IFRS 9 Dubai

Led by Juan Ramirez, a senior professional at Deloitte in London advising banks on IFRS 9 and Basel III/IV issues.

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Operational Risk Management Dubai

Course led by Andrew Sheen, former Head of Operational Risk Regulatory Risk Management at Credit Suisse and Fellow of the Institute of Operational Risk.

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates