Hiroyasu Hirayama


P05 technologies, Inc.

Hiroyasu Hirayama, CEO, P05 Technologies, Inc.

Hiroyasu works as a CEO for P05 Technologies, Inc. After having worked as head of FX at Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas, RBS and RBC., he set up Subak Technologies Inc., where he developed credit scoring models based on machine learning algorithms.

Daigo Honda

group manager

Linea Co., Ltd

Daigo Honda is the manager of the Mathematical Engineering Group in Linea Co., Ltd., where he has been responsible for the products utilizing financial engineering and machine learning. Since he joined the company in 2014, he developed and managed solutions in the following fields: pricing and risk measurement of derivatives and structured products, credit risk modeling utilizing machine learning, behavioral option modeling of core deposits and loan prepayment, etc. He holds a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from the University of Tokyo.

Fumio Ishizaki

chief researcher

AI Finance Application Research Institute

Fumio Ishizaki is the Chief Researcher for AI Finance Application Research Institute. He worked at universities for more than twenty years. He has published papers in the area of applied probability, communication networks and so on. He received Dr. Eng. from Kyoto University.

Shunsuke Ohkoda

chief engineer

Linea Co., Ltd.

Shunsuke Ohkoda is the Chief Engineer for Linea. Co., Ltd. He has engaged in application development using financial engineering, and AI projects in finance since he joined the company in 2015. Recently he has been responsible for research and development of earnings forecast modeling and economic network analysis with machine learning and AI.

He holds a Doctor’s Degree in theoretical physics from the University of Osaka.

Yutaka Sakurai


AI Finance Application Research Institute

Yutaka Sakurai is data science and AI expert with a strong background in Financial theory and practice. After more than twenty years' experience of fund manager, trader and quant in Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi and Sony Bank, he became a managing director of Research and Pricing Technology Inc.  in 2010. He started AI Finance Application Research Institute in 2017. He published a number of books on Finance and AI.

Makoto Shibata

Head of FINOLAB, Chief Community Officer


Mr. Shibata is currently in charge of FINOLAB community operation. In his former position at The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, he was leading R&D initiatives in emerging technology and online/mobile financial service. He also held positions in corporate planning, accounting, corporate finance and retail customer services at the bank. He is one of the founders of FINOVATORS and Executive Fellow at Japan Digital Design. He holds a Bachelor of Economics from University of Tokyo and a Master of Science in Development Economics from University of Oxford.