Machine Learning London

Machine Learning in Finance, London - sessions cover opportunities and limitations, models, ML for trading, and future opportunities.


Machine Learning in Finance

London, 4 - 5 September 2019

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This course will provide strategies for integrating machine learning within your organisation whilst delivering case studies and practical examples. This course will cover important issues such as alternative data, cleaning data, machine learning applied to high frequency data in relation to market microstructure.
The course will further look at machine learning models, use of machine learning in model validation and how machine learning is use in risk management from treasury to financial crime.

This course is a great insight in to how machine learning can be applied. If you are looking for a course on coding or programming then please visit our Python for ML Course website


What will you learn?
  • What machine learning models look like and how this can be applied

  • How machine learning can be used for model validation

  • How alternative data can be used for investors

  • How important clean data is in machine learning and how data quality can be achieved

  • Application of machine learning to market microstructure and high frequency data


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Who Should Attend
  • Machine learning

  • Portfolio management

  • Asset allocation

  • Data science

  • Financial engineering

  • Quantitative analytics

  • Quantitative modelling

  • Innovation

  • Forecasting

  • Infrastructure and technology

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Course Highlights
  • Alternative data for investors 

  • Machine learning labour – cleaning data

  • Modern ML applied to market microstructure and high-frequency data

  • Machine learning models 

  • Machine learning for model validation 

  • Case Study: AI and ML in financial crime

  • Machine learning in treasury

  • Case study: ML for risk management

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CPD / CPE Accreditation


CPD Accreditation

This course is CPD (Continued Professional Development) accredited and will allow you to earn up to 12 credits. One credit is awarded for every hour of learning at the event.

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CPE Accreditation

This course is CPE (Continuing Professional Education) accredited and will allow you to earn up to 12 credits. One credit is awarded for every hour of learning at the event in accordance with the standards of the National Registry of CPE Sponsors.

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