Leading Key Risk Indicators and Proactive Risk Management

Build your skills on selection and design of preventive KRIs and learn about their applications within your organisation.

Leading Key Risk Indicators and Proactive Risk Management

June 27–29, 2022

Time zone: EMEA / Americas

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Learn how to

  • Design an efficient indicator program in a risk management framework
  • Identify relevant indicators for various risks
  • Understand how to select preventive KRIs

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Useful, preventive key risk indicators (KRIs) can raise flags in risks before incidents occur. This virtual learning course will explore the role and attributes of KRIs in financial services, and in a risk management framework.

Expert tutor, Dr Ariane Chapelle, guides participants through the application and key attributes of KRIs. Participants will explore examples of the best performing KRIs in banking and financial market activities and best practices for using methodology to select and design preventive KRIs.

Through classroom discussion and practical exercises, participants will develop their understanding on the applications of KRI for information security, project management and conduct.

Learn how to
  • Design an efficient indicator program in a risk management framework

  • Identify relevant indicators for various risks

  • Understand how to select preventive KRIs

  • Use root cause analysis to select relevant KRIs

  • Define threshold levels for KRIs that translate corporate risk appetite

  • Understand and apply methods to use KRIs efficiently

Who should attend

This course will be valuable to individuals and groups from a range of financial institutions. Those working in the following areas may find the course particularly relevant:

  • Heads of operational risk

  • Enterprise risk managers

  • Operational risk managers

  • Operations managers

  • Internal auditors

  • Compliance officers

  • Consultants

  • Regulators

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Dr. Ariane Chapelle

Managing partner

Chapelle | Risk Management Advisory

Dr. Ariane Chapelle, is Honorary Reader at University College London and is an internationally recognised trainer and consultant in Risk. She teaches at UCL 'Operational Risk Measurement for Financial Institutions’ and is a Fellow of the Institute of Operational Risk..

In 2019, the firm received the Risk.net Award for ‘Outstanding Achievement in the Year in Operational Risk’. She published at Wiley Finance Series the textbook Operational Risk Management: Best Practices in the Financial Services Industry, in December 2018 that rapidly became the No.1 best seller in its field and is now translated in French by Pearson France. In 2020, the book got elected “Book of the Year” by risk.net.

Dr. Chapelle founded and runs her advisory and training practice in risk management, serving all sizes of financial organisations and international institutions, including central banks and UN agencies. She is a former holder of the Chair of International Finance at the University of Brussels with backgrounds in internal audit, credit risk and investment risk. She has been active in operational risk management since 2000 and was formerly head of operational risk management at ING Group and Lloyds Banking Group.


Ariane is a superb speaker. Lots of practical experience that helps in improving operational risk 


The instructor, Ariane Chapelle, was awesome. Classroom discussions were tremendous help


Dr. Ariane Chapelle lead a very interesting class, making even the driest topics interesting. It was also useful to have group discussions and keep the entire class engaged


The tutor is very knowledgeable and has real world experience in the subject matter

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