About the course

About the course

This course is designed for anyone who is working within the specialised areas of asset liability management and IFRS17 for banking and insurance sector. 

Attend this online training course to gain a better understanding of the various financial risks associated with assets and liabilities as well as the key financial models to help you mitigate these risks. 

Deepen your knowledge base and benchmark against your industry peers through an interactive and comprehensive online workshop. 

Course highlights
  • ALM Modeling 
  • Measuring and Managing Market Risks
  • Stochastic Modeling for IFRS17
  • Measuring and Managing Liquidity Risks 
  • Strategic Asset Allocation and Optimization
  • Measurement Models in Detail & Determination of Investment Components for IFRS 17
Who should attend?

Relevant departments may include but are not limited to:

  • Asset Liability Management 
  • IFRS17 
  • Treasuries 
  • Risk Management 
  • Investment Management 
  • Accounting and Finance 
  • Legal and Regulatory