Your learning journey

Your learning journey - Essentials of Operational Risk

The process of learning with Essentials of Operational Risk and other products that will further develop your skills

Step 1: Access the Essentials of Operational Risk platform

The Essentials of Operational Risk platform gives you instant access to the e-learning modules, so you can start learning straight away and return to your training at any time. 

Step 2: Track your progress throughout the modules with tests and assessments

Each module integrates short quizzes and tests that will allow you to assess your progress. You will also be able to export your learning report, detailing modules completed and assessments passed, which can be used as proof of completion and as a certificate of your professional progress. 

Step 3: Access supplementary reading sourced from

The e-learning program will also give you access to relevant operational risk content in the form of articles, journals and whitepapers.

Step 4: Complete the e-learning program

You will have access to the platform for 3 months and while you can complete the training at your own pace, we expect that most people will complete the training in around a month. This means that you can go back and access the training.