Warren Ackerman

Partnerships Director

Encompass HK

Warren leads partner and business development at Encompass HK, a local social enterprise focused on helping organizations achieve the UN SDGs. He began sustainability consulting after being inspired by his son’s involvement in the Fridays for Future demonstrations in Hong Kong. Previously, Warren worked in finance at Merrill Lynch in New York and was co-founder of a social marketing agency in San Francisco which was sold to Project Worldwide.  He regularly speaks on ESG & Impact investing, seeking to educate and inspire individuals to begin investing sustainably by supporting the companies and asset managers who are making tangible impact.

Todd Arthur Bridges

Global head of sustainable investing & ESG research


Over the last 15+ years I have led innovative and successful teams in sustainable finance, investment management, economics, and technology. My experience in industry, startups, academia, and think-tanks have allowed me to acquire a diverse set of leadership skills (led cross-functional teams, built strategic partnerships, advised executive leadership) and analytical capabilities (ESG research, scoring models, quantitative + qualitative research methods). My formal training and postdocs were completed at top-tier research universities in the United States and Western Europe. I have published research articles in leading academic journals and presented findings to central banks, sovereign wealth funds, state pension funds, corporate pension funds, endowments, foundations, and global conferences.