Enterprise Risk Management

Sessions include enterprise-wide risk assessments, risk reporting, and operational resilience.

Enterprise Risk Management

June 20-22, 2022

Time zone: EMEA/APAC

Learn how to

  • Integrate operational resilience with risk
  • Perform risk culture evaluation and create conduct and culture dashboard
  • Incorporate risk assessments with business strategy

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This interactive course provides a succinct and practical overview of the most topical components of the enterprise risk management framework. Live, virtual sessions are structured around the areas of risk appetite, risk culture, risk reporting, operational resilience and risk assessments.

The course also features an exclusive workshop that explores softer skills and qualities that are instrumental for successful risk teams; an essential, yet frequently undervalued element, that is crucial for effective enterprise risk management.

The course is packed with practical tips and hints and guides participants towards implementing processes that add value to the workplace. Each session ends with Make A Difference discussion, where attendees share their take-aways that will make a real difference to their organization. All sessions have been designed to facilitate communication and interaction between participants and the course leader, Elena Pykhova

Learn how to
  • Structure value-added Risks and Opportunities assessment
  • Find meaningful ways to define risk appetite
  • Examine 3-step approach to successful report writing
  • Explore softer side: instrumental skills and capabilities of successful risk teams; as well as
  • Review case studies and engage via live polls
  • Interact with fellow practitioners, benchmark the maturity of your framework with peers
Who should attend

Relevant departments may include but are not limited to:

  • Enterprise risk
  • Operational risk
  • Operational resilience
  • Risk appetite
  • Risk reporting
  • Risk culture
  • Risk management
Content support

For this course we have collated a selection of articles from Risk.net to supplement your learning.

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Course Tutor

Elena Pykhova


The Op Risk Company

Elena Pykhova is an expert in risk and resilience matters and author of a best-selling book, Operational Risk Management in Financial Services: A Practical Guide to Establishing Effective Solutions. 

Based in London, she is a renowned educator, who for many years has run public and in-house training courses in the UK and internationally for world-leading organisations including the London Stock Exchange Group Academy, The Moller Center, Cambridge University and Risk.net. Elena is also a thought leader, influencer and founder of a prominent industry think tank, the Best Practice Operational Risk Forum. She is a former Director for Education at the Institute of Operational Risk and chair of the Operational Risk Expert Panel for the Association of Foreign Banks. Elena founded her training and consulting practice, The OpRisk Company Ltd, after 20 years of experience in senior roles at Fortune 500 companies, such as Citigroup, American Express, Deutsche Bank and Banco Santander.

She is a frequent speaker at conferences and writes articles for Thompson Reuters, Advantage Talent Inc, Risk & Compliance Platform Europe and other publications. 



20 June 2022
2022-06-20 07:00:00 +0100

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