Deposit Modelling

An essential course to address the recent and longstanding challenges associated with deposit modelling.

About the course

Join us on this online course and learn from industry experts about how a negative interest rate environment will affect approaches to deposit modelling.

This fully online training will comprise of two 60 minute engaging presentations per day including the opportunity for discussion and Q&A. Delegates will be provided with in-depth presentations that address the current accumulation of deposits and the associated liquidity risk, the lack of historic data and the ESG impact on different risk areas.

ALM and risk management professionals should attend this course to ensure they are tackling this unprecedented period with best practice approaches and the ability to evaluate whether current modelling techniques are appropriate.

What will you learn?
  • The regulatory outlook for deposit modelling and the associated challenges
  • Best practice approaches to modelling NMD’s including how to capture model risk
  • How to navigate the data challenges associated with deposit modelling
  • Understand deposit modelling in a negative interest rate environment
  • Address the challenges associated with the recent accumulation of deposits
  • How recent innovations in online banks has affected deposit modelling
Sessions Include
  • Regulatory overview, governance and key considerations
  • Non-maturing deposits modelling
  • Liquidity risk modelling
  • Negative interest rate environment – interest rate risk modelling
  • Addressing the associated challenges of a recent accumulation of deposits
  • Electronic bank innovations – the effect on deposit modelling
  • Data challenges
  • The infrastructure and the governance of data-aggregation and risk modelling processes


Who should attend

Relevant departments may include but are not limited to:

  • Deposit modelling
  • Asset & liability management
  • Treasury risk
  • Balance sheet management
  • Interest rate risk
  • Risk modelling
Pricing Options

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  • Group booking rate - save over $1500

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Csaba Burger

Data Science Advisor

Magyar Nemzeti Bank

Nina Schweighofer

Senior team lead


Dr. Nina Schweighofer works as senior team lead banking supervision at the ECB with more than 15 years industry experience. After finishing her studies in 2006, she has been working in academia, and then for a large European banking group in managing credit-, market- and liquidity risk with key components such as regulatory compliance, RWA, valuation methodologies, IPV and valuation adjustments. From 2016 to 2018 she spent two years at the European Investment Fund in Luxemburg before joining the Banking Supervision arm of the ECB in 2018. She has a proven track record in leading successful teams of highly qualified experts and managing complex projects in particular with regards to development and successful implementation of process improvements and data driven IT tools.


She holds a PhD in Mathematics as well as Global Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA).

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