Course speakers 

Flavius Plesu

Former head of information security, Bank of Ireland

Founder, OutThink

•   Former Head of Information Security, Bank of Ireland
•   Founder, OutThink
•   Security Behaviour Practitioner, Research Institute in Science of Cyber Security (RISCS)

As Head of Information Security of Bank of Ireland, Flavius was responsible for all aspects of information security risk and compliance as well as managing the information security improvement programme. Having successfully built security culture and behavioural change programmes from the ground up Flavius brings an often opinionated and forward thinking view of assessing and managing human risk, but is able to do so with humour and pragmatism (mostly). An international public speaker Flavius contributes to a number of industry forums and events, openly sharing knowledge and best practice. 

Flavius is also the Founder of OutThink and Research Institute in Science of Cyber Security (RISCS) Practitioner. The primary objective of the Institute is to develop novel, innovative social-science and socio-cultural techniques for cyber security.

Jelena Zelenovic Matone

Senior unit head op. risk & CISO

REG & EIB Group Risk Department

Jelena has 15 years of professional experience in information security, governance, audit, risk mitigation, and implementation of best practices for large multilateral private and public sectors with global presence. Her active contributions to public and private sectors in policies, best practices, internal IT security controls, awareness programs, risk analysis and metrics have been recognized for her TA (technical assistance) on numerous occasions by IMF, EBRD, UN, etc. Quoted in the ESM history book of her Institution as one of the technology pioneers  of the ESM, she currently holds a Senior Head of Operational Risk and Cybersecurity Risk position for European Investment Bank

Vuk Sajinovic

Information Security Officer

European Investment Bank