Course Tutor


David Musselwhite

Risk consultant and head of training


David Musselwhite is a risk consultant and head of training for RiskLens, the leading provider of cyber risk quantification software and professional services. David is an expert FAIR practitioner and helped to create and lead a completely FAIR-based Enterprise Risk Management program at one of the nation's largest financial services firms. Prior to entering the world of quantitative risk management, he taught high school math in Detroit Public Schools. When not talking risk David can be found reading, petting every dog in sight, or pursuing his semi-professional side career in music and theatre.

About RiskLens:

RiskLens is the leading provider of quantitative cyber risk management software. Its platform is recognized as a mission-critical business application for cybersecurity and risk teams across the Fortune 1,000. RiskLens empowers large enterprises and government organizations to manage cyber risk from the business perspective by quantifying that risk in monetary terms. Clients depend on RiskLens solutions to better understand and communicate their cyber risk exposure in financial terms, prioritize their risk mitigations, measure the ROI of their security investments, and meet regulatory demands calling for the quantification of cyber risk. RiskLens is the only cyber risk quantification software purpose-built on FAIR, the standard quantification model for information security and operational risk. For more information visit the RiskLens website at

About the FAIR Institute:

The FAIR Institute is an expert, non-profit organization led by information risk officers, CISOs and business executives to develop standard information risk management practices based on FAIR. Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR) is a practical framework for understanding, measuring and analyzing information risk, and ultimately, for enabling well-informed decision making. Our goal is to establish and promote information risk management best practices that empower risk professionals to collaborate with their business partners on achieving the right balance between protecting the organization and running the business. Join the FAIR Institute today to learn about the industry's best practices; collaborate with other innovators to further advance the profession; and network with your peers to learn from their operational experiences.