House Rules


House rules

Here are the instructions for joining our events:

  • Please ensure you provide a legitimate email address when registering. The links to access the course will be sent in a PDF format within an email. This file includes the link to join the online event for all 4 days.

  • You will be able to access the event via your browser or by downloading an application. While both options are fine for accessing the content, we would recommend downloading the application if possible, for a better audio/visual experience.

  • For the full meeting experience, we advise positioning your laptop as close as possible to your home internet router, or to have your laptop hard-wired into your router. If possible, try to use headphones instead of your laptop speaker and microphone to ensure the best quality when listening and asking questions.

  • All participants will remain muted as the meeting starts to avoid any sound issues. We will start by introducing the speakers and the platform with a Q&A segment at the end of each session.

  • Please make sure your name is spelt the same as when you registered so we can validate your place on the course and accept you into the meeting as quickly as possible.  Please join the meeting on time - we will not wait for all registrants before beginning the training at the scheduled time.

  • The platform will feature a chat box. Please use this function to make us aware of any technical issues or questions you have for the speaker.

We are aware that some organisations may block the use of meeting applications on company laptops. If this is the case, we would ask that you use a personal computer or tablet to join the training course. We would recommend that you test your ability to access the meeting applications on your preferred device before the training session.