Behavioural Modelling: NMDs and IRRBB

Enhance your knowledge of behavioural models and the application of NMDs and IRRBB within your organisation

Behavioural Modelling: NMDs and IRRBB

October 17–20, 2022

Time zone: EMEA / Americas


Key reasons to attend

  • Gain the skills needed for the successful application of behavioural models 

  • Focus on NMD modelling through a variety of lenses

  • Address IRRBB stress test from the behavioural modelling point of view

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Develop your knowledge of the utilisation of behavioural models in financial services through this 4-day practitioner led learning event.

Deep-dive into non-maturing deposit modelling (NMD) and IRRBB, learn the skills needed for the successful application of these behavioural models for ALM and balance sheet optimisation, fund transfer pricing, and prepayment models. The impact of low interest rates, and liquidity/interest rate metrics challenges makes ensuring best practice in behavioural models paramount within the treasury function.   

Delivered by leading expert, Dr Matteo Formenti, this course will explore in detail the key considerations and challenges when using behavioural models. Interactive, practical case study examples will support participants' understanding as well as a live workshop to demonstrate theory in real-time. 

Learn how to
  • Identify the behavioural assumptions applied in the successful management of IRRBB

  • Describe best practices for developing a framework for NMD behavioural models

  • Assess the impact of a low-rate environment on model behaviour 

  • Understand the interaction of behavioural models and fund transfer pricing 

  • Apply practical application of behavioural modelling through case study examples

  • Gain insight on banks’ recourse behavioural models from a focused IRRBB stress test

  • Explain the impact of a low-rate environment on model behaviour

Who should attend

Relevant departments may include but are not limited to: 

  • Behavioural modelling

  • Deposit modelling

  • ALM 

  • Treasury

  • IRRBB 

  • Risk management

  • Liquidity risk

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Dr. Matteo Formenti

Vice president


Dr. Matteo Formenti joined the group internal validation in the market risk unit of UniCredit in 2013 working on validating the Market, CCR, ALM, IFRS-13 and Pillar II internal models.

Previously he worked for 3 years in Deloitte developing the methodology. He holds a M.Sc. in Economics and a Ph.D. in Finance.

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