Anti Money Laundering Masterclass, Amsterdam

A practical guide to modern anti-money laundering and financial crime compliance.


Anti-Money Laundering Masterclass

Amsterdam, March 18-19, 2020


Financial crime and AML are some of the biggest challenges facing the financial sector today – as the scale of fines handed out by regulators increases, it is imperative that all those working in this business and those providing services to financial firms are aware of the nature of financial crime and how they can take steps to stop it.

Our market leading course is packed with current examples of financial crime and its consequences. Taught by a subject matter expert you will learn:

  • The enormous size of the problem of financial crime & AML
  • How ‘dirty’ money attempts to enter the system – the tricks of the trade
  • The global regulatory bodies & standards and how they are changing
  • Dealing with sanctions & how to identify sanction breakers
  • How to refine your due diligence process
  • How to ensure your policies & procedures capture the right AML/FC data
  • Best practice in spotting and dealing with potential high risk individuals & corporates

The course is case-study based and interactive, using recent examples of financial crime to allow delegates to work through issues and see the financial and human impact of AML/FC in real time.

What will you learn?
  • The most recent, up to date money laundering techniques and how to stop them
  • How global regulations are changing and adapting to financial crime
  • How to make your KYC more efficient
  • The importance of ‘professional scepticism’ and strengthening the three lines of defence
  • Best practice in modern AML/FCC
Who should attend?

Relevant departments and job roles may include but are not limited to:

  • Compliance
  • Money Laundering Reporting
  • Risk Management
  • Department Heads
  • Section Managers
  • All staff who need a thorough grounding in modern AML/FCC techniques
Sessions include
  • Financial crime and anti-money laundering
  • AML ‘pressure points’
  • Regulatory bodies
  • Other types of financial crime & cyber crime
  • Know your customer/client – the four stages
  • Client indicators
  • Using technology
  • Hiding stolen assets and the proceeds of crime
  • How do we stop money laundering & financial crime?

Mark Anderson


The cambridge centre of performance and excellence and leading AML/FCC expert

Mark is an experienced trainer and consultant with global knowledge, having lived & worked in the UK, Russia, Qatar and India and trained in almost every country.

Having started his career as a stockbroker in London, he worked for US, Dutch and UK banks as a Director in the Sales & Sales Trading departments. He then became a partner in a small investment bank where he was Head of Trading and oversaw the Compliance function.

Mark has been Global Head of L&D at a Russian investment bank and at a major Middle Eastern Sovereign Wealth Fund as well as a World Cup Organising Committee. He also managed the training section of a major offshoring project to India, training over 1500 staff in settlement, custody and compliance.

In recent years, Mark has been one of the highest rated trainers in Anti-Money Laundering & Financial Crime Compliance, training in over 60 different countries in the last 3 years, including a global AML project for one of the world’s largest banks. He has trained staff in every area of banking and finance including [but not limited to] retail & corporate banking, investment banking, SME banking, private banking, asset management, hedge funds, SWFs and associated service providers. Comfortable at all levels, he has worked with main Board members to new graduate hires and induction programmes.

18 March 2020
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