Bert-Jan Nauta

Cluster Lead Interest Rate and Liquidity Risk Modelling


Bert-Jan Nauta works as cluster lead of interest rate risk and liquidity risk modelling at ABN AMRO. In this and former positions at a.o. the Dutch Central Bank and RBS he has worked on a variety of models, such as derivative pricing models, liquidity risk models, and economic capital models. His research focuses on including liquidity risk in derivative pricing models and the connection to funds transfer pricing and FVA. 

Alper Demir

Head of Treasury

Garanti Bank N.V

Alper Demir is the Director of Asset and Liability Management at Garantibank International NV. Prior to moving to The Netherlands, he worked as Treasurer of Garantibank Moscow and senior ALM dealer at Garantibank Turkey. He holds an MSc in Finance and Economics from LSE and he covers liquidity, interest rate and structural exchange rate risks in his current role.

Vera Economou

Senior Liquidity Risk Manager

Raiffeisen Bank International AG

Vera has been working at Raiffeisen Bank for 8 years and is responsible for liquidity risk position management. She is involved in methodological development of Group-wide risk models of expected cash flows realization and future behavior of customer loans, deposits, and off-balance sheet products.

Leonard Hugenholtz

Financial Risk Manager

Brand New Day

Leonard Hugenholtz has done all types of risk management over the past decade. His mission is to combine regulatory requirements, internal policy, theory, and best practices and  help banks act on their risks. He is currently the Financial Risk Manager for Dutch start-up bank Brand New Day

Tom Dewyspelaere

Head of Integrated Risk Modelling


Tom Dewyspelaere works at the Belgian bank Belfius. He has more than 20 years of experience in bank risk management, with a focus on the risk measurement and valuation of complex financial products and of credit portfolios. He is now head of the Integrated Risk Modelling Team in Belfius. This team is in charge of the risk quantification of the whole bank’s activities with a focus on all ALM and Capital  related issues. As such the team is in charge of Belfius’ Economic Capital, Earnings at Risk and Stress Testing models, important building blocks of the bank’s Risk Appetite Framework and Risk Based Pricing. The team also challenges, with a risk view, the main ALM models and assumptions.

Dieter Van Welden

Quantitative Analyst Integrated Risk Modelling


Dieter Van Welden is currently working at Belfius bank as a member of the Belfius Integrated Risk Modelling Team. His key focus areas have been stress testing models and the modeling of non maturing deposits and prepayment risk. In his former position at Record Bank (an ING subsidiary) as part of the ALM team he was involved in the management and modeling of interest rate in the banking book.

Stratos Nikolakakis

Head of Risk Methodology in Model Validation


Stratos is the head of Risk Methodology in Model Validation (RMV) at Rabobank. Under his responsibility is a wide range of model validations related to XVAs, Market Risk and Counterparty Risk for the Trading book, Interest and Liquidity risk for the Banking Book, Operational Risk and pillar II models including Stress Testing. In his former positions in ABN AMRO, Stratos has worked for several years on modelling a variety of Market Risk and ALM risk related models.

Roald Waaije

Director, Risk Advisory


Roald has deep and broad knowledge of ALM, Treasury and Market risk. Within this domain Roald focusses on creating (behavioural) models for a large range of products on the asset and liability side of banks and insurers, and implementing these models into various core systems of the financial institution Overall Roald expertise is both on the content side (e.g. ILAAP, ICAAP, IRRBB, economic capital model development, replicating portfolios, behavioural modelling) as well as on the Project Management side (e.g. driving methodology development and process modelling projects, coordinating IT implementation).

Bauke Maarse

Manager, FRM


Bauke works in the Financial Risk Management team of Deloitte. Where she focusses on ALM Modelling, in particular behavioural modelling of a wide range of products on the asset and liability side of Banks and insurers. In the past years she developed multiple behavioural models for both interest rate and liquidity risk.

Juan G. Cascales


Management Solutions

Juan G. Cascales is a partner of the Netherlands office of Management Solutions, as well as partner of their UK Office.

Juan leads the data practice of Management Solutions in those geographies, and has devoted a large part of his professional career to advise Global and Domestic Systemically Important Financial Institutions and Large Corporations in their adaptation to market best practices and regulation (BCBS 239, TRIM, GDPR) around Data Management, Data Governance, Data Control, Data Tooling, Record Management and Data Protection, amongst others.

Juan is also part of the Management Solutions Research and development team.

Juan has a degree in Physics and a PhD in Theoretical Physics from Autonomous University in Madrid. He has developed most of his professional career between Madrid, London and Amsterdam.